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● Sanitize telephones
● Sanitize drinking fountain
● Dust horizontal surfaces & desktops
● Dust for cobwebs
● Dust furniture
● Duct electronics
● Spot clean windows (fingertips, smudges)
● Spot Clean windows (Full window interior/exterior cleaning is additional add on by
● Vacuum all carpets and carpets edges
● Vacuum upholstery
● Damp dusting (ledges, window sills, blinds, handrails, wood strips, door frames, exposed
light fixtures, covers,ceiling and walls below 6″)
● Sanitize kitchen area (sinks, backsplash.Microwave)
● Wipe clean exterior appliances
● Empty trash/recycle
● Remove trash and replace liners.


● Empty trash cans.
● Clean/disinfect all fixtures and handles
● Clean sink, bowl, countertop.Clean toilet bowl, urinal, lavatories
● Restock soap, toilet paper and towel paper
● Dust all surfaces
● Sweep/mop floors
● Spot Clean walls, stalls, doors.
● polished exposed piping.
● Descale toilet bowls and urinals.
● clean mirror, polish chrome/metal
● Sanitize bathrooms(sink,toltes,mirrors floors)


● Sweep/dust mop hard surfaces
● Damp mop hard surfaces
● Vacuum carpet all areas
● Vacuum and mop all hard floors
● Move chairs & trash receptacles etc.
● Spot clean spills carpeting
● Keep tile grout clean


● Dust all ledges, sills, pictures.
● Dust blinds
● Wash trash receptacles, inside and out.
● Clean Ceiling vent covers and light covers.
● Arrange furniture, magazines in waiting area
● High dusting

Note: The other misc. tasks are extra fee and rotational.

Office Cleaning Services in South Jersey

Krystal Clear LLC is a full-service office cleaning company specializing in cleaning commercial and industrial office spaces. We provide our clients with top-quality office cleaning services in South Jersey to meet each business’s specific needs. We use the latest office cleaning techniques, technologies, and equipment to clean your offices quickly, efficiently, and completely. Our team of experienced and qualified cleaners takes pride in their work, ensuring that every space is clean and fresh when we leave. Contact Krystal Clear LLC today for a free consultation to determine which office cleaning package is best suited for your business.

Advantages of Our Cleaning Services

Well-Mannered Professionals

At our company, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality service by employing well-mannered and friendly staff.

Safety Comes First

We always have in-house safety measures and policies that help us provide top-quality services. Our customers can trust us to be safe and clean their homes or businesses thoroughly.

Reliable & Trustworthy

Our business core values are reliability and trustworthiness. When it comes to office cleaning services in South Jersey, we are the company you can count on!

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